Promotion of Positive Health

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Holistic well-being module for all. Perfected over years of teaching practice.


– Asana

– Pranayama

– Kriya

– Bandha and Mudra

– Meditation and Relaxation

Common Benefits:

– Improves flexibility and endurance

– Slows down the aging process

– Detox of Internal body systems

– Relaxes and pacifies the mind

– Improves cardiovascular efficiency

– Improves memory and concentration

– Increases quality of sleep

– Boosts immunity

– Promotes better digestion

Specific Concerns

Weight Management

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Specific practices tailored to the individual needs and body types.

Comprises a combination, as applicable, of:

– Circuit Yoga

– Hatha Yoga

– Dynamic flow

– Kriyas

– Breathing

– Food consultation

Stress Management

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As stress the reason for most psychosomatic disorders, it is very important to handle stress in the right manner and take measures to nullify the effects. We have developed some effective breathing techniques and self-management programmes to calm and unify your body, breath and mind.

The practices are a combination of:

– Asanas

– Breathing

– Cyclic meditation

– Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT)

– Nad-anusandhana

Pain Management

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The practices are a combination of :

– <TBD>

Specialized Care

Yoga for Women

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Specific practices for Women :

– Pre-natal Yoga for expecting mothers

– Post-natal wellness and path to regain fitness for new mothers

– Yoga for PCOS and other disorders

Yoga for Sportspersons

Specific practices for Sportspersons :

– Injury Prevention

– Injury Management

– Flexibility elevation

– Relaxation

– Enhancing Range of Motion

Yoga for Kids

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Specific practices for Children of age group 5 yrs to 11 yrs :

– <TBD>

Therapeutic Yoga

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Specialized therapy for psychosomatic ailments like :

– Cancer

– Asthma

– Diabetes

– High Blood Pressure

– Arthritis

– Stroke

– Digestive disorders